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Would you mind taking a cab with me?

Its been a long ride my friend.. My fiend…

Shorter than many burdensome rides I can remember..

Sufferings very feeble.. none like yours or yours or yours…

Some longer rides with the others..

Some very fleeting blows on the rotten steps of a climb to nowhere..


Would you mind taking a cab with me?

To where there is but me, and another of myself…And another of you?

Would you give up on me? Would you find the embers that have been lost?

Would you light the fire amidst this place? To see the me in you..

And the imprints of your words in my unsung parables…

Would you hear what I  say not?

Would  you find a place hidden in the drifted winds of fleeing time?

Would you find the left overs and ruin the moments undone and forgone…


Oh come hither mate.. Among the ruins we shall tremble through our breaths..

And fondle the space unfurling our time beaten blisters..

Your stories are potent.. Your stories are my being..

Your words fill the clouded blanks of nothingness..

Your words are to be heard and felt.. I  shall hear them..

I shall rummage the in between moments, forging the song into the wind….

For you shall hear my longing for your glitched heartfelt words in the winds whispers…


Would you turn around the corner?

Just around the hedge, their awaits a carriage

A carriage with a piece of my blotched symphony…

The time has left a mere spill of me in pieces of unsung plotted lines..

Would you sing them for me?

Would you ride the carriage to flame the airs in my home?

Come mate come to the home we spawned into the tuttings of time..

Smile and simper into sweet laden peels of our lives.

Lets hide and ride to the world that yours, mine and ours..

Lets sing the lines to the peeking ears.

Lets fill the space with you and me, and the all that is between our longings..

For, you did take the cab with me..

Would you mind taking the cab with me, again? Would you?


wandering in a field of nothingness..

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