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The Zeal

The zeal to sculpt an I into time..

The zeal to make eyes look unto you..

Like they would rather look nowhere else..

The zeal to be known as you..

An “I”with adjectives preceding … nods following the commendations.

To formulate a “you” like it was magic and leave others staring into the becoming of “I”

Ohhh what sights an ego prunes..

An ambition, will to find bravado, will to destroy the flamboyant demons…

A will to beat the destructive devil to end the game of blatant righteousness..

The will to tear into the systemized forms…

To destroy, the organized, the known, the done..

A zeal to deepen the foothold over the passing time..

Like stubborn feet dug into sand at the shore of fate…

The desire to beat those falling into the paths of the plain naive moments of your mind…

To drain them of breath and leave them dried up, sucked into the ground beneath the sand..

The desire make life only yours.. only the ones who make it to your boundary..

And the zeal to beat the devil of hate,

The gatekeeper of loathing , pity, guilt, doubt, hopelessness…

And an end to anger towards a being so like you.. so human.. that you would recognize it as your own self..

The zeal to reach into the heart of the one..

To touch it and kiss the periphery in hopes of making it croon to thy name…

Then the will to find your name on the door of destiny… on the smile of your loved ones..

Give cause to the sweat of others…

Thus hope flourishes to find a seat in palette of ego…

And the “zealous I” pants while painting the wall of selfish desires..

Pouring belief into your heart.. and a restless fluttering sensation of life into your veins..

The zeal keeps your alive.. the zeal keeps the devils at bay ..

And the zeal keeps love and passion for man and life..drunken and spinning in your eyes.

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Evening blues

The evening wanes into a starry graze..

And the sound of the bell, knock at the door silences..

There are none welcome to your lonesome view

Their are none awaiting your heated breath..

But California blue deepens into a rare summer quiet…

Blues sink into the heart, and sea swims away from you..

For the breeze is trapped in the asphyxiated night…

And all those you trust have been removed from your plight…

Ain’t trust too easy give? Too hardened to bequeath..

Ain’t love too feeble a notion to bind the ties..

There are some who stay.. there are so some who never lived there…

There are some who light up your eyes and heart..

There are some who smile .. smile so the world twists and turns to a nicer side…

There are some who clasp knots in your being..yet know not the place of the place in your heart..

Life becomes too short too see beyond..

Life reaches much afar to run along..

But the moment passes and words left unsaid fog the heart…

Deepen the blues and smudge the eyes with the shadows of yesterday..

A tidal wave from the far receding sea calls to you..

And you think if you must wade through the sand.. and blemish your feet…

And ride to what might spin you out or swallow you in..

Must life be on the edge of the wave..

Or the sidelines of a shore..

Must people live on as they would..

Must they live for their heart or must the heart flee to another?

The shore and wave… who sends thy eyes searching either way..

A sound of freeing breeze from self… or just the breath of another..

Which does thy crave ?

A shelter from Self or for self? Or just the sun , burnt up, skinned alive and running towards the tidal high..

Blues of different kinds.. save you from blues of another kind..