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Saying good bye to friends, to heartfelt mates….

It never is easy..

I hope you forgive my faults some day…

And I hope you shall remember me with a little smile on a day, that’s not today…

And I know the spaces in your life shall be joyously filled with much more love..

Much  more than I could give you…

I really do ache for your companionship…

I have savored and devoured all the moments spent with thee..

Hope and courage is all we usually have.. and friendship always make the passage of time worth feeling..

And I hope you find your happiness in the sweetest and safest corners of life..

Hope I have made your life a little better than worse..

Hope you understand that human bonds are as fragile as you want them to be…

And as christened in solid belief as you want them to be….

Hope you love yourself as much as you have loved many..

Hope your smile reaches and crinkles your eyes.. the corners turned up..

And if the reason couldn’t be my  presence.. hope it is of those who know your sweetest laughs..

And make your own mind the safest haven where you could always dwell and land.

I must bid you adieu soon.. but may your smile be the last curve where I turn away.