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May peace find its child

Youth beseeches us into seeing and believing that life is so full and brimming with the most absurd and unreal possibilities

And into dodging away in callousness all caution …

Mighty beings as such have been believing that all youth must be craving….

And the craving will keep each pupil .. each fair lad bright with a glowing light…

It catches us unawares when all but left is a fatigue in the corner of the abode…

The wave of desolation sweeps aside the veil of cultured ways…

Cracks first then breaks apart every fragile wall of hopeful desire…

Maybe youthful cravings are the sin that shall push us off the cliff..

Off to soar… or off to float away till all spirals into abyss…

The sadness is such that words are yet unfound to emote…

Peace has left us orphaned

And maybe our craving to be held in the arms of a cradling creator..

Seeking all answers before tragedy befalls..

That is all the keeps us bound yet tangled , knotted and divided in heart..

Peace is not here… sun sets too quick in step and too soon to feel the warmth..

And all warmth is in touch… hope for that touch is all that keeps the glow fleetingly alive..

May peace find its child.

Life here is dark and I live within casted light.. just a non luminous existence

But so many walk in the sun… live and breathe only in their shadows…

Until the shadow blurs..

only to disappear into the dark…

Life and breath painted over black

All is now erased..

but their ain’t peace..

May peace find its child..

For it shall prevail ..attached again to its child..

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Saying good bye to friends, to heartfelt mates….

It never is easy..

I hope you forgive my faults some day…

And I hope you shall remember me with a little smile on a day, that’s not today…

And I know the spaces in your life shall be joyously filled with much more love..

Much  more than I could give you…

I really do ache for your companionship…

I have savored and devoured all the moments spent with thee..

Hope and courage is all we usually have.. and friendship always make the passage of time worth feeling..

And I hope you find your happiness in the sweetest and safest corners of life..

Hope I have made your life a little better than worse..

Hope you understand that human bonds are as fragile as you want them to be…

And as christened in solid belief as you want them to be….

Hope you love yourself as much as you have loved many..

Hope your smile reaches and crinkles your eyes.. the corners turned up..

And if the reason couldn’t be my  presence.. hope it is of those who know your sweetest laughs..

And make your own mind the safest haven where you could always dwell and land.

I must bid you adieu soon.. but may your smile be the last curve where I turn away.

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The Zeal

The zeal to sculpt an I into time..

The zeal to make eyes look unto you..

Like they would rather look nowhere else..

The zeal to be known as you..

An “I”with adjectives preceding … nods following the commendations.

To formulate a “you” like it was magic and leave others staring into the becoming of “I”

Ohhh what sights an ego prunes..

An ambition, will to find bravado, will to destroy the flamboyant demons…

A will to beat the destructive devil to end the game of blatant righteousness..

The will to tear into the systemized forms…

To destroy, the organized, the known, the done..

A zeal to deepen the foothold over the passing time..

Like stubborn feet dug into sand at the shore of fate…

The desire to beat those falling into the paths of the plain naive moments of your mind…

To drain them of breath and leave them dried up, sucked into the ground beneath the sand..

The desire make life only yours.. only the ones who make it to your boundary..

And the zeal to beat the devil of hate,

The gatekeeper of loathing , pity, guilt, doubt, hopelessness…

And an end to anger towards a being so like you.. so human.. that you would recognize it as your own self..

The zeal to reach into the heart of the one..

To touch it and kiss the periphery in hopes of making it croon to thy name…

Then the will to find your name on the door of destiny… on the smile of your loved ones..

Give cause to the sweat of others…

Thus hope flourishes to find a seat in palette of ego…

And the “zealous I” pants while painting the wall of selfish desires..

Pouring belief into your heart.. and a restless fluttering sensation of life into your veins..

The zeal keeps your alive.. the zeal keeps the devils at bay ..

And the zeal keeps love and passion for man and life..drunken and spinning in your eyes.

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Evening blues

The evening wanes into a starry graze..

And the sound of the bell, knock at the door silences..

There are none welcome to your lonesome view

Their are none awaiting your heated breath..

But California blue deepens into a rare summer quiet…

Blues sink into the heart, and sea swims away from you..

For the breeze is trapped in the asphyxiated night…

And all those you trust have been removed from your plight…

Ain’t trust too easy give? Too hardened to bequeath..

Ain’t love too feeble a notion to bind the ties..

There are some who stay.. there are so some who never lived there…

There are some who light up your eyes and heart..

There are some who smile .. smile so the world twists and turns to a nicer side…

There are some who clasp knots in your being..yet know not the place of the place in your heart..

Life becomes too short too see beyond..

Life reaches much afar to run along..

But the moment passes and words left unsaid fog the heart…

Deepen the blues and smudge the eyes with the shadows of yesterday..

A tidal wave from the far receding sea calls to you..

And you think if you must wade through the sand.. and blemish your feet…

And ride to what might spin you out or swallow you in..

Must life be on the edge of the wave..

Or the sidelines of a shore..

Must people live on as they would..

Must they live for their heart or must the heart flee to another?

The shore and wave… who sends thy eyes searching either way..

A sound of freeing breeze from self… or just the breath of another..

Which does thy crave ?

A shelter from Self or for self? Or just the sun , burnt up, skinned alive and running towards the tidal high..

Blues of different kinds.. save you from blues of another kind..

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All The Secret Personas

Image by Anders Mohlin/Flickr, © All Rights Reserved.


All The Secret Personas

To where are your secret prowess strolling? 

Who are you hiding in the pouches, folds and creases?

Ain’t someone struggling to be set free, from the notions you fed it?

A gash from holding the belted throat of mixed personas.. 

Yet crying happy tears to at last choose to be.. or not to be..

The secret power of choice, to let go or hold on whenever one chooses to..


Who is trying to find the harbinger of destiny?

Trying to part the blinds and look ahead,

Stroking colors of different minds into a multitude of frequencies…

Hoping to frame and catch the future and time, running ahead to tap on their shoulder..

Who is trying to trick the other to jump out naked? Walk right into room of eyes..

Stripped of all the sense of self, ideas of being different, of being the same, or being sane..

Clinging onto hinges of doors and windows, neither leaving, nor staying put,

But simply watching the fading silhouettes…


Which of your holy demons hold you down?

But you see, demons need to rest and clamber out to see the light of the day..

They simply want to clip off their talons and rise above the sea.. 

Voyage on the sails of wind, floating in the breeze..

And dip into the scent of ocean, oh what glorious sights to see..

Feel the sunrise, sing the silence of the sun set and gape at the dragons flying home…


What unfurls the curtains of silence on your soul?

Who’s music do you play to find the strength to see the truth  in your eyes?

Who sings to bring you back to your own self? 

Your beliefs, your crumbs of broken thoughts.. Who reminds you of your minds?

The voice of self is a beautiful symphony, strumming the breath, an architect of the many

minds and beings in you..


Who shows you the honest reflection of the home you have built?

Who is the mirror? Is it you or is it another?

Is it a song or is it that piece of cloth hanging at the back of your closet?

Are they words of your mother? Are they words of your father?

Are they the songs from your lover?

Does music set you free, like it does me?

There ain’t anything small about loving and hating.. There ain’t any crime in falling and rising..

Kindly gather your smiles and your tears in a wholesome cup of soulfulness..

There ain’t anything folly in dividing wholes and splurging your being as you desire..

People are in you, their hearts make you a being..a very plain human.. 

The demons make you complete, and the personas are winds in your sails..

A saxophone of life that is and will be beats in you… and is music your heart shall make..

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Random Confused State

I am in a thoroughly confused puddle of my own soup..

Is this a thunderstorm?

Or is it a windfall?

Is this destruction? Or are the flakes flaying away?


Is there zilch paint left in the mind pallet?

Or are there none to praise the beauty that was once the becoming and end of many hearts?


Is the tree hungry for shade from the sun or does it still desire to grow unto the sky shield..

Is the man a coward or is he just a personification of need and hunger?


Is the blundering heart novice or is it defiant convict?

Is the heart still falling? Is it falling or has it passed with healing prayers?


Is the heart still desiring of the dreams once preyed upon with howling zealous cravings?

Or has it downed the hope juice with a bitter taste of its own sword?


Does it Moan at core and hum at the brim?

Or does it howl on the barricades and strip naked silent in the cave?


What am I up against? My own words or the low voices of the fateful passerby?

Which scene is the moment portraying-My footprints in dust progressing or the hideaway in hanging closet of darker attired days?


Wondering or hoping selfishly? Hopeful or Fool-some?

Predator or surviving killer? Who are you going to become?

Who is going to take over the servile hearted specie?


My confusion shall set you either free.. or pull you into a warring circle,

You are both a coward and a hungry sinner..

Your heart is stained in your lust ,

But needs to keep on keeping on..

Ploughing and bludgeoning on..succumbing to the many naive questions.. hoping to keep the innocence alive..

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Would you mind taking a cab with me?

Its been a long ride my friend.. My fiend…

Shorter than many burdensome rides I can remember..

Sufferings very feeble.. none like yours or yours or yours…

Some longer rides with the others..

Some very fleeting blows on the rotten steps of a climb to nowhere..


Would you mind taking a cab with me?

To where there is but me, and another of myself…And another of you?

Would you give up on me? Would you find the embers that have been lost?

Would you light the fire amidst this place? To see the me in you..

And the imprints of your words in my unsung parables…

Would you hear what I  say not?

Would  you find a place hidden in the drifted winds of fleeing time?

Would you find the left overs and ruin the moments undone and forgone…


Oh come hither mate.. Among the ruins we shall tremble through our breaths..

And fondle the space unfurling our time beaten blisters..

Your stories are potent.. Your stories are my being..

Your words fill the clouded blanks of nothingness..

Your words are to be heard and felt.. I  shall hear them..

I shall rummage the in between moments, forging the song into the wind….

For you shall hear my longing for your glitched heartfelt words in the winds whispers…


Would you turn around the corner?

Just around the hedge, their awaits a carriage

A carriage with a piece of my blotched symphony…

The time has left a mere spill of me in pieces of unsung plotted lines..

Would you sing them for me?

Would you ride the carriage to flame the airs in my home?

Come mate come to the home we spawned into the tuttings of time..

Smile and simper into sweet laden peels of our lives.

Lets hide and ride to the world that yours, mine and ours..

Lets sing the lines to the peeking ears.

Lets fill the space with you and me, and the all that is between our longings..

For, you did take the cab with me..

Would you mind taking the cab with me, again? Would you?

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Carried Away.


Carried away in the windmills of desire for desire,

A hunt for what was felt not..What was found not..

Wondering if this was the rhythm of  fall and rise not knowing the end,

If the path might lead away from the drabness,

Away and yet into another forest edge..

Edge of just the beginning? Or is the end already?

How far does one breath last? How long can one hold ones breath?

And the once traversed edges and forgone brazenness,

Now there we were, here we are, blatantly hunting again..

To the very end, For more always..

And might one run out, only to break into a bleak fall onto the hard earth?..

Or just feel another spin, with no cradle to land in..

A moment of fleeting touch, and the hunter and hunted melt away?..


A prowling sinner awakens within the simpleton,

Feeding off spilling sounds of mumbling caress..

Flaying about the senses, to drain the whispers of two minds,

In a time where life seemed to walk backwards,

A brush of unknown cajoles the mind..

A  degree higher in depth , a degree closer to self..

Bathing in camaraderie of selfish fornicating and a tipping edge of likeness,


Temptations far too fickle in nature,

Unhinged, Unbinding and unknown forever the calling..

Deviations persist through their innate nature..

Exceptions drowning the words of saints..

Which would you choose?

Ruffle the monotony on a path undone of spiked drunkenness?

Or smother the breaths with ruptured righteousness?

To be carried away in desire for more want ,

More prowess,

more dreams,

And more unknown..

Ain’t that no sin? Or just a norm for sinner?

For it never felt like one to him,

For a sinner shan’t ever know the end… Look to the end

Keep them coming..He would say

Be carried away.. For the end is never far, never near.

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Questioning Trust

Faith is beyond the reach of this troublesome mind, a mind that is divided in shapes of evil and love…

I say love because love can not be evil.. can it?

Our creators are our effigies of goodness, our epicenter of faith..

And yet they are in the essence only human… and yet creators.. but only human.. so is there no god?

No supreme being that spins the wheel of time…?

Whoever preached a notion as such.. that trust was to be known and felt,

Faith was to simply exist..

The preacher neglected, pressed on without speaking of the existence of the mind…

The mind that seeks the future, questions the past..

Hunts the present… Breaks every molecule into a subjective form..

Drawing meaning out of every twist of faithful fate…

Brewing a story of every tone of every murmur beneath the lines that were uttered in callously passing moments..

Or did the being, the preacher know… but was only donning the role of god? an impostor or real? I know not…. for I know neither trust nor faith

I wonder if we are to be faithful,then to whom are we to ask questions? Or are we to not question life?

To what is faith endowed? To where does faith lead, to what end does faith seek? An ambition…?

If I don’t question, I shall never know..

But Oh, it is such a hurtful spin of guts in the heart…

To not know and to not trust.. to spin stories from instincts and fearful brush of loss..

Trust a fellow being, trust the moment, the trust the foot prints in your path, trust the hand that rests on your forehead..

Trust thy own self?And trust another like thy own self?

Both being knots that either steady your heart, or burn a ditch in it..

Ohhh.. the sufferance, if I do and the drought of solace in the mind if I don’t;

Ain’t it grueling ?  A harsh form of blistering trust that there is…

Which intuition lies, and which values and speaks for our well being?

If we are to trust every word, every notion, If we are to trust our every thought..

Will every move for the trust, turn and walk backwards to embrace you..

All golden flowers and warm light draw a beautiful frozen frame of what life could be..

And yet none can not stop my mind from questioning trust and faith..

A wishful palm rises up… waving at that frame.. at the picture in the mind of this unreal color of rain…

A wishful palm rises to calm the questions.. only for a minuscule moment..hope simmers, soothes and walks softly in the rain.

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Which Animal is your mind?

The mind is an animal fueled by the instincts and basic nature of me. So I control the mind, the mind controls my run through lap of life. I and my meanings are again debatable. But I and my are product of the steps since we could sense life around us. Then the mind is a product of this life. If it were an animal, a particular animal, I wonder which it would be. The horse, the sheep , the lion, the caterpillar? Hunger for an achievement, for a proof of our own existence drives each one of us in different manners, in different directions. And each day the mind feeds on a different taste of life. I wonder what’s in store for it, I wonder what scent intoxicates it and calls on it’s hunger for the life to come.