Triumph over self.. 

The parchment and the blank space shall absorb all my postulated negativity..

And the smears of hope… Maybe it shall sing me a new song..anew answer..

With such an endeavoring wish tucked in my self.. Proceed I..

And smother I, it with my blunt words and purposeless thoughts..


Have I everything I need? And what is it I need and for what?

Have the people I love been cajoled yet? Cajoled by the time spent to stay on..

Why is acceptance a need, a need- so very binding?

Oh my… what if she gets what could be mine…

what if he takes away the spoon that could be mine..

To what end must it serve? to what end does need serve?

To need is to survive and to survive is to need, ain’t it?

Is what I own in me.. a shadow of what the other own?

Ought I to be better and different?


Is my ego to be grow on hedges and fence my crisscross ways?

Or must it slumber below..knead itself?

Has my own shadow darkened by heart?

Must my reflection in the eyes of the world be firmer…

Be colored in ways my self has not encapsulated…

Am I to be a master of my ego.. Or am I to be a servant?

To master it, ain’t it the same as to serve it?

Must I hide my faults.. must I smuggle the protruding black jewels into a dark corner..

Or must I smack it with laughter..


Why is beauty so well carved by symmetrical terms..

by eyes serving the proposed norms…

why is beauty such a need.. why is beauty so well sculpted in forms so well pruned.

Why must my beauty be compared and scripted and marked..

why must I serve a servitude to these very engraved thoughts…

To needs.. to pertinence with this humming civilization..


To be free from self.. free from want.. from desire…

Ohh how freeing.. how embezzling is the thought of

“triumph over self”..

Ohhh..But how ensnaring to be turning in this cocoon of self..


but to reach no purposeful end.. desiring to be free from self.. and yet reaching nowhere..





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Etching On.


Etching Patterns of thoughts on the papyrus of our mundane lives..

Designs we croon into the ear of our twin incarnation..

Curved stretches curbing across the mounts..the will, the wish..

Binding with the harsh breath..mellow at times.. juggling at times..

Strolling across to plot a breathless life..


Stumble over potholes dug by our own soles, Hasn’t thee rolled over, traced back, and strutted along then?

Yet the path of etched drawls back and forth scuttering on..

Inking on.. smug.. or giggly.. dreadful or greedy.. smiling through the blots of ink..

In hope in faith.. for trusting to be bound by fate.. we etch on..


A kind samaritan spinning the fate.. whispering incantations to string fate to wish..

A mildly fulfilled soul springs along.. sketching butterflies..

And yet then. droplets of pain blotch the ink just along the curve..


Words lack depth one might say.. as the heart fails to siphon strings of syllables

Wishing to only tell stories of memorable cons, fortitudes.. innocence and love..

How often has thy samaritan hidden in the cave of doubt?

How often does thee ponder of ways to escape the designs?

Trapped in thy own breath, memories and desires..?


Or did the benign fisherman row thee  across?

I think he did.. didn’t he?

Anew bridge..anew sketch..

Anew binding of faith and thee etches on..


P.S- Random thoughts, random sketch as I try to drown myself in something mundane.




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Just thoughts on a soul from a..soul?

We all come from a place and are in a place, where we want love, we desire it. We scorn our desires, so that they remain at bay, but love, It’s a hunger that never stagnates. It could take us to dark places as easily as could take us where we want to be. Love, they say is peace, is freedom. But how? ..Since so is death. We all need to find an idea, a synthesis, and a hypothesis of life to cling on to, till we have the noose around our neck. Sounds dark? Well, it’s only an observation.

The human soul is infinite, unbound in its illusions. Snippets of so many emotions, desires conflicting and thoughts and answers contradicting, all within a design forged by the mind- a soul.  We are souls, really? But we don’t really know what we are; I forget what that means, a soul.. but do I know what that really means, do you? It’s an undefined entity. But it’s a marvel how we have managed to define and find a picturesque entity to contain the infinity within ourselves. And we say at the root of our life, of our soul is the seed of love.  Love is the seed, or should I call it the earth? And maybe soul could be called the seed. We have risen so high in our evolutions, branches like aspirations, fallen leaves like fallen souls in bits and pieces, rotten fruits as we let them rot by overfeeding or leaving them hungrier and refuse to touch them, naive buds- we pick them off before they bloom to become what they could be, though we sap water from our earth we can no more feel its true touch and or thrive in its real fragrance. I am just guessing and inking an evolving hypothesis, after all, how would I know what is real and true? Or was it always like this?

At times we look down and search for the real love, and we grow hungry, we want it from others and we decide that we are in love with them because we want their love. But what is love then? If it’s not want, if it’s not desire, maybe it’s rather to just see and be, thrive in each other’s presence, touch not hold, not cling, but the hungrier we grow, the more want ,the more we desire, the less we love.  As desires melt and conjoin into each other, we find solace in each other, but what if these desires wan, when tick of the hand takes you elsewhere and your mate elsewhere, not physically but when the wants of your soul part ways, when needs of the soul are left barren, love departs, but love, can it depart?

Soul, it’s the n dimensional sense we have as we can feel, see and perceive so many things at once as long as we are aware that we can. But what is the most powerful sense, is it the sound of another’s voice, or the look in another’s eye, the typical motherly fragrance, or is it touch, touch of another living being. I was going to say human, but I think I can say living being in a broad sense.  I am sure we have all felt the power of these senses, in leading us towards or away. A touch can bring you back from your insanity, from your internal shivering self to illusion of calm. I remember it happening quite recently a touch of a friend bringing me to the atmosphere that was pushing me into my own hell, just bringing me back to contained self even in that.  I even remember the look that pushed me to rise, or that lead me astray.  We all do, don’t we? We all love and writhe and whimper, laugh, smile and in our memories, we dream dreams that make us crave, and more so because we know how delusional we are. Memories and dreams, both the karma of and the route to want, need and …love?

When we walk down a road full of strangers, and we see just living beings strolling and we see the life, the web we have built. We are going on and on and on. But we are within that web, like the expanding universe, we are moving on and on and on and are yet static. But we are moving together and we are held together by that force that runs deep down even in our earth, let’s call it love and not gravity?

Just entangling, and untangling the thoughts in my mind… but whenever I think, I find an answer and then I have another question questioning it and I have forgotten the answer, it’s an infinite loop.

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Crazy Art Edited-Random

DSC_0099 (1)-001 DSC_0099 (1)-002 DSC_0099-001
DSC_0099-003DSC_0099-002 So I just drew this random sketch,(( that’s the last one), to me it looked quite bland, not sure why.. Guess variety was missing, so I decided to have some fun with it and edited it into versions.. 🙂


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Part of the Wolf Pack Now! The Howler Award!

Woooohhhhhhoooooooooooooo… Here I come the new member of the wolf pack, I am going to be sworn in today. I have been introduced into the pack by  Samir, who has nominated me for “The Howler Award”. Thank you so much Samir 🙂 I sort of like the description of the wolf pack! And I am indeed honored that you picked me to be an awardee.

The rules of this award are:

  1. Display the award on your blog. This can be in your sidebar or on a special award page.
  2. Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog.
  3. Give 3 examples of things you would like to see changed in the world.
  4. Nominate (in your own time) at least 5 bloggers that deserve the award.
  5. (Optional) Donate the equivalent of $10 to a charity of your choice (optional because I cannot check it, however it would be HIGHLY appreciated.

Wolves are faithful, loyal, social and honest. Please keep that in mind when awarding this to someone. Members of the WordPress Wolfpack can hand out the award at their own discretion, non-members can hand out the award after they have gotten it themselves or they can suggest the person they want to nominate to one of the wolfpack members.

The ceremony begins:- Wolf Whistle anybody :p 😀

1) The first change:- Every kid should attend the same kind of school, with the same facilities. I  believe that mindsets can be bred at school and so can the sense of equality be nurtured from childhood. Who is the economy, who are we do deny anybody what is our right?  This would take a lot of work but it is plausible:)

2) Rapists and abusers, expecting their mindsets to change around and waiting for that to happen, well we are hanging on to way too much useless hope. I usually don’t call hope useless, but this is an exception.

So why not make a rape prevention system, something that works like our Intelligence bureaus. Again lot of intricate factors that need working on in this case. Think I am crazy yet? Well, These are Ideas for the future (we could work on them from now), if we can go to Mars, why not this? Terrorism kills people on a large scale and so does this on a discreetly spread out larger scale.

3) Shoo the Gandhis and now the Vadras out of this world, send them to another planet or something. ( I mean the gandhis and vadras of our political families, no offence to anybody with the same title) 😀

My nominations for The Howler award are:-

1) Ink,thoughts,coffee…

 2) Leanne’s Little World

3) Peak Perspective


5) Unload and Unwind

They all are awesome bloggers and from their blogs I have learnt a lot 🙂

Now we proceed to the last part:-

10 dollars to Charity, I have given more than that I am sure and in various forms.Every month I spend more than that on my class room supplies and bare necessities for the kids though I don’t consider that charity but my duty.

I enjoyed being sworn in and hear by again swear to the best of my knowledge to abide by the qualities that symbolize the wolves. 😀

Umm, hope there aren’t any fights to become the Aplha of the back. Grrrrrr. Just kidding. I love wolves ever since I started watched “True Blood” during my college days. Joe Manganiello was the werewolf in the show. 😀 😀 I have a fascination for them ever since.

File:Joe Manganiello cropped.jpg

Joe Manganiello :- google

Jokes apart, Thanks Samir once again for the award and hence the opportunity to write this post!:) Adios! 🙂

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What Am I Selling?

I always have a wonderful time reading his blog and it would certainly be wonderful too,to have other bloggers benefited from Harsh Reality the power blogger! More good stuff for us to read, look at and learn from!

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The Thrill of Blogging!

What is it with blogging? Is it like an addiction? But can’t be that from my own experience. I had started blogging in 2012 and then after a few posts, it all came to a stand still. I got bogged down by other things( Damn college life and teenage wishy washy brain eating parasites) and somehow could not channel my energy into a positive bucket, WP being that bucket.

But now that I am back, I can’t seem to want to stop. Even when I have hordes of other work to do, If  I have’t touched upon this blog of mine, I feel like I am bursting inwards.

There could be a few reasons behind it. Every person has some form of creativity to boast of. I am not saying I am super talented because the intensity and versatility of talent and depth of thought I have been exposed to on WP has humbled me and inspired me at the same time. Well the point is that this is my output energy packet shooting destination. Its the place I come to when I am restless, reckless, soothed or just in a pensive mode.

But I could just do what I do and not put it up on WP. But it also the thrill of sharing a part of you, a part of our mind and maybe something close to our heart with complete strangers. It gives me a sense of freedom, I almost hate sharing what I write or do here on FB. It feels like an intrusion into my private space, not all the time of course, but quite a few number of times.  When a person whom I have never known, never might know or see, likes something I do or likes a poem I have written, that star on the front page enthrals me. And a +, the idea that somebody wants to see more of me makes my heart blush. At least that’s what I feel being a maiden blogger. I am not sure how long this thrill lasts. But seeing that comment warms my heart.

I had once read that it takes 68 continuous go’s to turn something into an habit. Does a habit bring thrill into ones life. But word habit sounds like such a rut. So when blogging becomes my habit will it still ignite my day as it does now.

Something tells me it might. This crazy innovation is after all my thrilling energy outlet!! Happy bloggin Y’all!

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