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Which Animal is your mind?

The mind is an animal fueled by the instincts and basic nature of me. So I control the mind, the mind controls my run through lap of life. I and my meanings are again debatable. But I and my are product of the steps since we could sense life around us. Then the mind is a product of this life. If it were an animal, a particular animal, I wonder which it would be. The horse, the sheep , the lion, the caterpillar? Hunger for an achievement, for a proof of our own existence drives each one of us in different manners, in different directions. And each day the mind feeds on a different taste of life. I wonder what’s in store for it, I wonder what scent intoxicates it and calls on it’s hunger for the life to come.

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Youth Leader, Perfectionist, Activism which Brand Is INDIA all in for?

Elections are drawing closer and politicians sweating it out to build six a pack?? Nah… sweating it out to fit themselves into a package. A package that is synonymous to a brand word of their own choosing.

Lets see, Rahul Gandhi- A Youth Leader. Youth being the key Brand here. But I would just call him a clueless child, and a wanna be idealist politician. Something that is highly improbable for a congressman. Congress with a track record that would take a century to analyse and then convict the guilty.Especially with a judicial system that is an antonym for the Flying Sikh. And of course a phone call and then a few more to wipe the slate clean. Then its back to square one.

Hmm.. Narendra Modi, The Perfectionist, The 21st century Leader who wants to personify best governance. Secularist, a word that would actually make him synonymous to the “Flying Sikh”. But again I am two minds about this man. He has a track record in Gujrat that could vouch for him. But the rumor is personality and political analysts have been comparing him to Hitler. Is this what India needs and demands today Hitler,”The dictator” ? But how far are we willing to go? The thought of a Holocaust like situation has crossed my mind and made me shiver and weak in my knees. Of course Its impossible, isn’t it ?,To have one in the 21st century? On the other hand, I am still hopeful that his governance might enable India to realize its potential. For example- I am wondering what he might do about the caste reservation system in the educational field. Caste system is a provision that was initially meant to be implemented for a period of just three years following our independence. It has been 66 years and our governing bodies are still playing hide and seek behind this caste reservation policy, escaping from true governance and change.

Next the yet evolving Aam Admi Party’s Arvind Kejriwal- What brand do they personify you may ask? Well, I would say they have been trying to personify idealist and activists, trying to add a flavor of rebelliousness to their brand image. With their Dharnas and weird statements about anarchism, at times they have just been acting like a bunch of inexperienced college rebels. Politics needs to be played with a right mix of shrewdness and good will.


And last but not the least Loksatta Party headed by Jayprakash Narayan who has credibility and an excellent governor written in BOLD all over his brand of personality. An ex- IAS officer, a policy maker and a go for it politician! He is an MP now, but I would say if there was right mix for a politician he would be it. Having attended a leadership session by him, I would say he has it all. A passion, a know how at the ground level, a political outlook, a vision and the shrewd attitude that comes with the job requirement. But his party somehow lacks in the publicity and and campaigning domain. If his and his party’s brand could be marketed like that of Narendra Modi’s, India would be a lucky nation. I am not going to write them off from future possibilities of success because I wish the best for my country.


But alas, we have to do with probable dictators, so called youth leaders and an inexperienced lot to choose from. I am betting and I am all in this time for good, sensible governance. And as I do some retrospection on the brand Names wondering which one India is all in for, I would say we are tilting towards a change. To me Perfection is not a bad brand to vouch for. But now that we are all affected by this contagious fever of change, its all up-to us do decide which brand are we going to wear on our sleeve.