Triumph over self.. 

The parchment and the blank space shall absorb all my postulated negativity..

And the smears of hope… Maybe it shall sing me a new song..anew answer..

With such an endeavoring wish tucked in my self.. Proceed I..

And smother I, it with my blunt words and purposeless thoughts..


Have I everything I need? And what is it I need and for what?

Have the people I love been cajoled yet? Cajoled by the time spent to stay on..

Why is acceptance a need, a need- so very binding?

Oh my… what if she gets what could be mine…

what if he takes away the spoon that could be mine..

To what end must it serve? to what end does need serve?

To need is to survive and to survive is to need, ain’t it?

Is what I own in me.. a shadow of what the other own?

Ought I to be better and different?


Is my ego to be grow on hedges and fence my crisscross ways?

Or must it slumber below..knead itself?

Has my own shadow darkened by heart?

Must my reflection in the eyes of the world be firmer…

Be colored in ways my self has not encapsulated…

Am I to be a master of my ego.. Or am I to be a servant?

To master it, ain’t it the same as to serve it?

Must I hide my faults.. must I smuggle the protruding black jewels into a dark corner..

Or must I smack it with laughter..


Why is beauty so well carved by symmetrical terms..

by eyes serving the proposed norms…

why is beauty such a need.. why is beauty so well sculpted in forms so well pruned.

Why must my beauty be compared and scripted and marked..

why must I serve a servitude to these very engraved thoughts…

To needs.. to pertinence with this humming civilization..


To be free from self.. free from want.. from desire…

Ohh how sumptuous..how freeing.. how embezzling is the thought of

“triumph over self”..

Ohhh..But how ensnaring to be turning in this cocoon of self..


but to reach no purposeful end.. desiring to be free from self.. and yet reaching nowhere..





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India’s Daughter

India’s Daughter- It leaves you shaking. Nothing that you don’t know or haven’t heard. But listening to those bloody Non-Living beings (do words exist? words for them can’t exist) who unfortunately think and breathe and live, it makes you feel empty inside, the brutality, those thoughts, the ideas. You feel no hope, you know there is not a chance that eradication of evil will ever be a reality, all we can do is prevent, heal, punish. Because there is no cause, a need for power that has crossed the line of need and is just a habit, rape and abuse is a habit, brutality is a habit, yeah, imagine that, no cause for that makes any sense.

Now that’s a very good documentary, how in the devil’s name does it corrupt our culture, how is it insensitive for a culturally sensitive society to be watching the film. Talking about rape, its effects, the thought process that supports and instigates it, how can that be culturally insensitive, dumb, plain dumb.

First of all, at the risk of sounding like a completely confused 21st century young adult, what is our culture again? Is it about tolerance, respect, upholding ideals, or what, just dancing on durga puja and ganesh festivals, talk about destruction of evil, protection, women power, ghar ki lakhsmi and blah blah.. Yeah right let’s never talk about the culture of rape and abuse to make sure our ego is never deflated, Lets sweep that under the mat, keep it locked behind doors and let the acts thrive on the mats behind the locked doors. The awesome façade of Indian culture, lets keep that up.
I am sure the good of our culture does pervade into certain streets, into certain homes and certain arenas of our life, but lets face it, we are hardly ever tolerant in our everyday life towards other’s thoughts, towards change,we like deciding what the another must to do with his or her life. And that never helps build a society which is a safety net for not only women but those to whom life shows its ugliest face. I talk about our community cause I that’s all I have experienced.

But why is it so difficult to talk about the real evil, the squirming worms in the minds of so many and the stinky words that leave their tongues. Why not watch that, acknowledge that, accept that.Why not rip off those tongues?
If I had my way, I would make sure the judges not only lost their jobs, and if not have them hung at least make sure they ended up in one of the jails with the best of the brutal criminals who have crossed all limits with men and women. They could talk with them about our Indian culture then and how its no place for a woman,lets see how long it saves them,..enjoy you”%$2$@$”!

Yeah sounds like revenge, but peace can only get you only so far. Laws-please have them define human before applying them to human beings. The idea is not to follow an ideal, it is to save lives, realize the value of a “human” life and act upon it. If intervention at an early age through education can nurture the minds, can save those ones who are broken and are on the edge or are about to cross over to a path from from where there is no return, save them, heal those who need the healing but drown those who actually deserve death, painful death in lava.

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The Promiscuous Woman

The Promiscuous woman

Desire to transcend frail laws of this ductile world,

A world pulled into the straws of right and wrong,

Narrow, binding, prickly walls of the dry mindless straws,

Laws dictating, a scarecrow directing, words divulging from the cowardly tongues,

Rising jailed bars clear pathways for you tread on,

You stagger as your mind hazy, dazed, sees not the wall, neither the bars, nor the path,

The haze is the mist clearing,

As when all is mist, beyond is hidden, blinded you are,

The path of lone existence, lone freedom, your eyes long to take that journey,

To flow down that unbanked stream, flow with your naked soul, uncaring, shameless,

Unshackle yourself from the known, embrace the unknown,

Speak your thoughts, unbridled from your soul,

It is a lash unintended yet felt by those dumb minds,

The dark nights and the moon that shines upon you,

When the moon of your eyes quenches its thirst; you quench yours as you touch those lips,

Promiscuous you are my dear woman, wanton ways, and wanton thoughts, free from saddled minds,

Surrendering to your true nature, a tingling sensation ripples your being,

The pleasure is yours to give, yours to feel,

Embrace the sun and its heat,

The darkness and the light each livens you with its own reflection,

Burning and rising to blow with the wind, you can take any form,

Ice if you will, freeze those crude notions in time, render them motionless,

It ain’t going to drive into another’s mind,

A woman, a promiscuous woman, formless,

Not drained, nor withered, nor lost in the clear carved path to a fore written destiny,

No desire from the world, no need for assent,

But only a desire to live a life, alive, a will to power driving on the wheels of thy own mind

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Hollow Man against The Wild Woman

Oh my manly dear hollow man,

My virginity; was it my making or your discovery and hence engraved on you is the will to posses?

Who defined purity, innocence, your god?

When did you learn to hammer into pieces and slice through virgin layers?

You were born as nude as I,

You were born as lowly as I,

We evolved and got through Darwin’s test together,

Was I asked to enslave myself to your ways by your kind?

Did you threaten to pierce though my flesh and make me dance to your tunes then too?

How did the will to trap the woman rise?

Your passions were matched by hers, her intellect by yours or maybe she surpassed you in all arenas?

Is that it, tangled within her powerful yet primal soul; gnawed the demon at your peripheral sanity and sparked the need to subdued, to display your power?

You defined her first, and you trapped her in a form,

Then you cusped her being, the wild fire that kindled, in a jar brimming with your desires,

Incapable of the realization, or maybe fearful of the same,

The realization that defining a wild woman, the breath of nature, was to curb what she could be,

If trapping her in your narcissistic distasteful ways weren’t enough, you try since centuries to shatter her,

To make her succumb to her own forcefully woven mindlessness, to make her hate herself,

Then you take away what you have thrusted at her, her fake sense of dignity, dignity through eyes of your barbarous gruesome world,

Masticating her physical being, slicing and scarring her soul,

Yet this world breathes, as she breathes, as nature breathes, as a wild fire is bestowed with nature’s zeal,

As harsh winds blow, it lights by itself, setting the civilization on fire,

Man shall bear the brunt of his atrocities and his shrieks shall resound and fill the forest,

Can his pleas and screams mask the hoarse voice of her agonized soul, can they melt her scars?

Ages to come shall tell that story, but a woman shan’t ever serveth the hollow man’s will, surrender to his beastly command or the whip of his brutish acts.

P.S-Writing after long!

This is a poem born out of anger against all the atrocities against women, the subjugation, the do’s and don’t’s , the definitions of a woman, all that I have seen and felt in my life and in the lives of those around me and those I have heard of. The repulsive devils and even the milder sadistic fools are just everywhere. I seek to understand evil but it just leaves me aghast, I don’t understand its epicentre, its reason for existence.

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Scales Of Evolution


Human was not born into this world,

Only evolved from the animals we call beasts today,

Before the evolution tipped the scales,

The seas, the mountains the earth, the petals, the weeds

The shells, the sand, the morsels of life that traversed with the wind,

The earth bubbled in its serene existence with zealous purity,

The purity that a mountain spring sprinkles upon the dwellers,

Flowing sometimes stealthily,

At times flowing with an exuberant force,

Young and vibrant in search of new lands to explore,

All the forms of life, large and dynamic, shrewd and slippery,

Roaring and domineering, small and fastidious,

Lived on these streams, on those springs

They pounded the land when in need,

Their formidable yet magnificent animalistic power shook the earth

But the scales were always left balanced,

Logic, a reason that led to rise of another species,

Nameless multifarious species rather,

This age, Evolution is taking a toll as one species looses itself in a whirlwind of its own creations,

This day, this period of earth’s and its dwellers lives,

The springs, the air, the pure forces of life infected by the viral uproar,

Are drying up, worse corrupting all that it touches,

And vanquishing the purity to graveyards dug by our evolved mindlessness,

Or rather mindfully shrewd actions,

Foolish we are to think our time immortal,

Trapped we are in the science we harrowed out from this earth,

Entangled we are in our own traditions and thoughts,

Thoughts that were led by reason once are today shackled by the lack of it,

As we abhor change, obnoxiously pride ourselves on our social systems,

As we evolve into what evolution had never fathomed possible.

It’s time to rename ourselves,

Unless we let the springs sprinkle us again,

Clean the dirt, the marsh,

We assimilate, we mellow down,

We withdraw and loosen our adamant sense of ownership,

We melt the shackles of power,

Mold the molten steely power into the axe that could bring to surface our former self

Or make it the magical ingredient,

An ingredient added in potions drunk by us to turn into the personification of godliness,

A godliness that is stirred with drops of devil’s blue blood to tip the scale towards a balance.

Let’s reach, let spiral back to the point of incidence of human and beast.

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Ramble on Pathetic Journalism

I am not sure, how this post is going to turn out to be or where it is going to go but it is going to be quite unpoetic I am guessing.

I have been watching lots of movies since the past few weeks, so my mind today was revolving around the lives of actors, how we see them, what do we see them as, how their lives are robbed of privacy and sanity quite often. At the risk of sounding naive, I wondered who was responsible for this and also why the messing up of their lives was such a juicy and happiness inspiring talk for most of us. Yeah, there is the matter about publicity stunts but “dude, get a life”

Then slowly the monkey in my brain jumped to the very often published photos of the actresses when they had an oops dressing moment ( Oops because we have made it oops), known or unknown to them. As though this never happens to any of the people in the real world, Duh. Their cleavage, or a show of her limbs or anything else that is suppose to be bandaged.

Most of us are of the mindset that these women merely exist to entertain us, mostly the ones who are bold and sensual, words which would translate to scantily dressed to much of the crowd. The men, aah the men, men hath no fear, after all the worst could be an unzipped fly in the crowd aside from a morphed/real video tapes of course. And yeah the rest, we have seen it all, its just a part of the scenery, beautiful scenery to be marveled at, those toned muscles and abs, not a truer sign of truer hunk. A hunk that’s all, not a s*** as we call them.

And yeah s***s, You want them, you need them, but you also want to derogate them just to feed your ego, to prove that you are better and almost as though you are doing a sex worker a favor.(yeah right)

To those journalists who earn their living through their gossip and erection inspiring news snippets:-

Do women assets really impact GDP, political affiliations, nuclear wars, poverty? They do pay your living expenses and you pay taxes I am guessing and do the nation a big favor,but really that’s all the journalism you got? Yeah cleavages do generate good amount of money via fashion industry and the film industry and even if I was the worst guesser ever, I would say they and their money pay more taxes than you or your earnings do. The industry has a lot of good perspective to offer too, not all good but quite good.

I get it, you sell what the crowd wants, but don’t you also generate market for the news. The media has great power, just as words do and art does, hence when they sell, they impact. Why feed on a derogatory mindset, when you can change it fellas?

That is because the way people tend to look at actresses, the same carries over to the way they treat or look at women on a day today basis. Of course there are many more factors impacting that outlook apart from the fact their brains are just junk from s*** in the outer space.

The mentioned concern is certainly not a cause of derogatory remarks on women on a day to day basis, but it is what fuels the mindset and the cause. Its a choice between being a part of the change wave that by changing your style and focus or staying on the other side sticking to bad irresponsible journalism, and that’s a choice you guys have to make.

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Angst, Distrust and finally fulfillment.

She looked on with angst in her eyes,

Why was everybody adapting to the path of silence?

Who was going to defeat the demons in their own arena?


A fire swished through her veins,

Her heart thumped as though a giant walking the earth.

The deafening sounds of helplessness re-echoed in her head,

She shook with the suppressed urge to take them  down.


But  her tiny hands and feet were bound,

Bound by shock and inexperience.


Years through, she kept burning.

She was no longer a maiden to their arena.

The world she felt no longer deserved her trust.


The day arrived soon again, Deja-vu.

She scrutinized the crowds for a face that seemed on the verge of action, But found none.

Her hands shook with restrain,

But this time she no longer withheld, she burst out  of her bubble.

A force of nature, she bolted ahead tearing through the crowds,Climbing the fence.

Possessed she hurled into the demons every ounce of strength and every piece of defense.

The crowd awakened from its self-imposed trance.

A face and and then  another followed her, breathing strength from her courage.


The demons did not run screaming for their lives,But had to stall their assaults.

Retreating into their caves, unable to add a feather to their caps.


She looked on with eyes spitting fire sizing up the devils, as she knew they would return.

Balled fists unclenched and a ray of hope crept into her heart,

A sense of fulfillment engulfed her as her gaze pierced the eyes of her fellow on-slaughters.

She found the faces she thought she never would and learnt the art of trusting again.



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What’s feminism? What are my feministic ideas??…I wonder


Are feminists those people who wish to tilt gender equity scales so that someday men will need malists on their side. Yup, Malists , you read that just right, I invented a future word, did I?

Well your answer to that will decide how far ahead you are in the feminist track? Some people might say that you are insanely crappy and it’s because of you that women nowadays think that they rule the world and are in over their head.

To tell you the truth there have been times when I seriously hoped that the future would punish the opposite gender as harshly as plausible and maybe I would be a part of that future. But men if you are reading this you have some very lucky charms on your side, there are quite a few who act quite human and quite apart from your animalistic counter parts. Would not want accusations of such a large collateral damage count thrown at us!

I have heard of varied accounts of feminism. Wanting the social freedom to look like a female George Clooney, wanting to be able to go out whenever we wish too, and not being looked at like an eatable. There is also the fight for equal pay equal rights and against our merit and capabilities being doubted, our choice of jobs looked down upon and so on and so forth.

I guess feminism boils down to not being told what to do and what no to do just because one is a woman or being stamped upon and expected to do something because of the same.

People will argue that each gender has its own capabilities and own jobs and they should stick to it; else it would disrupt social dynamics further than it already has.  Okay, maybe we women are not built to be as physically strong as men, but don’t we have enough proof already that we are as good as the rest at any job that requires strength because application of strength needs to be combined with inputs from the brain???

Rape and sexual abuse are crime against the living world and in my opinion do not come under feminist mindsets or attacks. And there is a dire need of an anti rape and anti sexual abuse police force around working like secret agents if possible. I would like to believe that anything is possible!

What about the very sensitive topic of limitations on our freedom when compared to that of the guys?

I am born in a normal middle class Indian family and in a society that is in between ages and in a forever going on transition. It can be a little confusing to decide between what I want and what is wise. Well I am all for freedom with responsibility but as a wise man once told me “Why would you go into the lion’s den knowing the beast was inside and you stood no chance against it, you do not how to fight it, so what‘s more valuable? your life and your long term dreams or your whims and fantasies?”. But again the feminist fire within me attacks saying,” how careful can we get and how much fear can we take and live with? It’s just slowly becoming our way of life.” However I prefer to find a way around, compromise while working on my dreams and a better future for the coming gen Xes.

Feminism is such a varying term and people are at such different places on its track that giving a specific definition is a confusing task.

What’s feminism again? I wonder..

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