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Triumph over self.. 

The parchment and the blank space shall absorb all my postulated negativity..

And the smears of hope… Maybe it shall sing me a new song..anew answer..

With such an endeavoring wish tucked in my self.. Proceed I..

And smother I, it with my blunt words and purposeless thoughts..


Have I everything I need? And what is it I need and for what?

Have the people I love been cajoled yet? Cajoled by the time spent to stay on..

Why is acceptance a need, a need- so very binding?

Oh my… what if she gets what could be mine…

what if he takes away the spoon that could be mine..

To what end must it serve? to what end does need serve?

To need is to survive and to survive is to need, ain’t it?

Is what I own in me.. a shadow of what the other own?

Ought I to be better and different?


Is my ego to be grow on hedges and fence my crisscross ways?

Or must it slumber below..knead itself?

Has my own shadow darkened by heart?

Must my reflection in the eyes of the world be firmer…

Be colored in ways my self has not encapsulated…

Am I to be a master of my ego.. Or am I to be a servant?

To master it, ain’t it the same as to serve it?

Must I hide my faults.. must I smuggle the protruding black jewels into a dark corner..

Or must I smack it with laughter..


Why is beauty so well carved by symmetrical terms..

by eyes serving the proposed norms…

why is beauty such a need.. why is beauty so well sculpted in forms so well pruned.

Why must my beauty be compared and scripted and marked..

why must I serve a servitude to these very engraved thoughts…

To needs.. to pertinence with this humming civilization..


To be free from self.. free from want.. from desire…

Ohh how freeing.. how embezzling is the thought of

“triumph over self”..

Ohhh..But how ensnaring to be turning in this cocoon of self..


but to reach no purposeful end.. desiring to be free from self.. and yet reaching nowhere..





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Scales Of Evolution


Human was not born into this world,

Only evolved from the animals we call beasts today,

Before the evolution tipped the scales,

The seas, the mountains the earth, the petals, the weeds

The shells, the sand, the morsels of life that traversed with the wind,

The earth bubbled in its serene existence with zealous purity,

The purity that a mountain spring sprinkles upon the dwellers,

Flowing sometimes stealthily,

At times flowing with an exuberant force,

Young and vibrant in search of new lands to explore,

All the forms of life, large and dynamic, shrewd and slippery,

Roaring and domineering, small and fastidious,

Lived on these streams, on those springs

They pounded the land when in need,

Their formidable yet magnificent animalistic power shook the earth

But the scales were always left balanced,

Logic, a reason that led to rise of another species,

Nameless multifarious species rather,

This age, Evolution is taking a toll as one species looses itself in a whirlwind of its own creations,

This day, this period of earth’s and its dwellers lives,

The springs, the air, the pure forces of life infected by the viral uproar,

Are drying up, worse corrupting all that it touches,

And vanquishing the purity to graveyards dug by our evolved mindlessness,

Or rather mindfully shrewd actions,

Foolish we are to think our time immortal,

Trapped we are in the science we harrowed out from this earth,

Entangled we are in our own traditions and thoughts,

Thoughts that were led by reason once are today shackled by the lack of it,

As we abhor change, obnoxiously pride ourselves on our social systems,

As we evolve into what evolution had never fathomed possible.

It’s time to rename ourselves,

Unless we let the springs sprinkle us again,

Clean the dirt, the marsh,

We assimilate, we mellow down,

We withdraw and loosen our adamant sense of ownership,

We melt the shackles of power,

Mold the molten steely power into the axe that could bring to surface our former self

Or make it the magical ingredient,

An ingredient added in potions drunk by us to turn into the personification of godliness,

A godliness that is stirred with drops of devil’s blue blood to tip the scale towards a balance.

Let’s reach, let spiral back to the point of incidence of human and beast.

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Ramble on Pathetic Journalism

I am not sure, how this post is going to turn out to be or where it is going to go but it is going to be quite unpoetic I am guessing.

I have been watching lots of movies since the past few weeks, so my mind today was revolving around the lives of actors, how we see them, what do we see them as, how their lives are robbed of privacy and sanity quite often. At the risk of sounding naive, I wondered who was responsible for this and also why the messing up of their lives was such a juicy and happiness inspiring talk for most of us. Yeah, there is the matter about publicity stunts but “dude, get a life”

Then slowly the monkey in my brain jumped to the very often published photos of the actresses when they had an oops dressing moment ( Oops because we have made it oops), known or unknown to them. As though this never happens to any of the people in the real world, Duh. Their cleavage, or a show of her limbs or anything else that is suppose to be bandaged.

Most of us are of the mindset that these women merely exist to entertain us, mostly the ones who are bold and sensual, words which would translate to scantily dressed to much of the crowd. The men, aah the men, men hath no fear, after all the worst could be an unzipped fly in the crowd aside from a morphed/real video tapes of course. And yeah the rest, we have seen it all, its just a part of the scenery, beautiful scenery to be marveled at, those toned muscles and abs, not a truer sign of truer hunk. A hunk that’s all, not a s*** as we call them.

And yeah s***s, You want them, you need them, but you also want to derogate them just to feed your ego, to prove that you are better and almost as though you are doing a sex worker a favor.(yeah right)

To those journalists who earn their living through their gossip and erection inspiring news snippets:-

Do women assets really impact GDP, political affiliations, nuclear wars, poverty? They do pay your living expenses and you pay taxes I am guessing and do the nation a big favor,but really that’s all the journalism you got? Yeah cleavages do generate good amount of money via fashion industry and the film industry and even if I was the worst guesser ever, I would say they and their money pay more taxes than you or your earnings do. The industry has a lot of good perspective to offer too, not all good but quite good.

I get it, you sell what the crowd wants, but don’t you also generate market for the news. The media has great power, just as words do and art does, hence when they sell, they impact. Why feed on a derogatory mindset, when you can change it fellas?

That is because the way people tend to look at actresses, the same carries over to the way they treat or look at women on a day today basis. Of course there are many more factors impacting that outlook apart from the fact their brains are just junk from s*** in the outer space.

The mentioned concern is certainly not a cause of derogatory remarks on women on a day to day basis, but it is what fuels the mindset and the cause. Its a choice between being a part of the change wave that by changing your style and focus or staying on the other side sticking to bad irresponsible journalism, and that’s a choice you guys have to make.

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Two wells

Two wells,

One at the north,

The other south,

All that the mind conceives,

Falls or is tossed into one well,

Or the other,

None escape the adamant blackened gravity,

One a well of soulful goodness,

The other a black hole of soulless evil,

The question is to rise above or sink below?

Sink below the goodness,

And drip in delusional godliness?

To rise above the perceived evil,

Or to sink below and beat it at its game?

If hovering over or thrashing around in thy chosen well,

The soul might sink into the well beneath the well too, you see,

And then one becomes the other,

 Havoc inhabits conscience, Thunderous collisions within,

Soul is black or white?

It’s neither, rather just shades of grey,

Among the radiant colors that our eyes want to see,

Shades of grey in layers and patches,

In the end, no, as we spin and re spin

The water in both the wells remains murky if not marshier.

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Chains bind the ankles, bind the nervous impulses,

The cold steel stings the warm blooded creature,

In the eyes of the fellow mates,

She ain’t warm,

But a cold blooded sorcerer,

Love for self battles ferociously,

 Grinding to strike down the righteous thoughts of the community with sheer will,

A thriving community and yet each living being a lone soul,

Her eyes linger on the trails of the path ahead,

Which path does one choose??

A path dark or a path illuminated by non-luminous sources

A path dark she willed to choose,

As she knew in heart, the light of her soul was her company,

The blazing torch within would reveal all,

The shady and seemingly sinister corners,

The flower laden bed

But underneath, poison ivy and deadly spines.

Yet the soul marches sanguinely,

 Knowing the healing drug for all wounds her path could inflict,

The path itself would brew,

Yet as her foot touches the path chosen

The chains trap her, pulling her up, leaving her dangling,

As the path not chosen sends its demons,

Demons that hide in the shadows and blindness of its blinding light,

Pulling the chains intending to leave marks,

Ravenous and soul thirsty,

Thirsty to crush and savor the freedom of soul,

Plotting to drown the traveler in its whirlpool of delusional reality,

Yet a soul as unencumbered and as uninhibited,

As numb to the enchantment of the moonshine,

As untouched by glossy facets of our existence,

Neither fears these fiends of the other path,

Nor is pained in soul by the vicious attacks,

The marks sting, But only if she lets them,

Blinding the attackers with her own luminosity,

She buys time, trapped as she is,

Will she find her weapons to cleave the chains?

Will the winds take her side and carry her to desired path?

Trapped by servile righteousness and yet trapped by hope and will of her soul,

Trapped she is.

 Photo Credits:- “Chained soul by Darryl King” /Google

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I Will Stay Me

I will stay me

You tell me I am not worth the piece of earth I stand on

I will stay me

You tell me I am not what I was

I tell you then I am glad and I will stay me

There are two sides to a coin

And you tell me I am neither,

I tell you I can make the coin stand and roll on its edge,

And I can roll with it, can you?

You tell me I should follow,

I should follow, imbibe your thoughts,

I should mold myself around you?

I tell you, I prefer to be as loose as the sand at the sea shore

You tell me I shine too much, and I blind you,

I am blinding myself,

I will tell you, you have a cataract,

A cataract that you are proud of, but it blinds you,

And I will shine, I will sparkle and I will lend my shine,

I will lend it to those who need and deserve,

And in turn I will teach them to out shine all,

You tell I should adhere to the norms,

I will tell you for once and all,

Those norms are yours to make and break,

I make my own always,

You tell me I should mellow down,

I am a threat to your ego,

Well that’s just plain sad, I am no ego nurse,

You tell me I should hold your hand,

You tell me the world is too big,

And I am too little,

I am too little and too less significant,

I tell you I am the master of my own ship,

And my mind, my intuition and I am my own compass,

And I will remain so,

You ask me who I want to become,

I tell you, I will stay me,

I tell you that each day,I want to be more me than I was the yester day.

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India is a moralizing country, is it a moralistic one?, concerns!

India is a moralizing country, is it a moralistic one? Moralistic in the sense of having a set of morals which each and every one sticks to? It seems highly impossible for a population so variant and at such different places in life to have the same set of morals, mindset and pace of change.

I have been hearing that India is a highly sexualized society. Until I heard so, I somehow did not realize that the society’s hidden nature,an open secret was the big fish in the pond of all that has been creating this mayhem. For that matter any civilization has got to be a sexualized one.  But I am thinking from the point of view of India in particular and the impact it has on the generations living the reality and the generations to come who will be living a more bizarre reality.

A society where dating is wrong, a society that has been teaching that love marriages are wrong is suddenly faced with a challenge from the drastically different western morals and culture. A society where girls are still picked up on for going out without a dupatta( A scarf around the neck, to cover the assets), and boys are taught to make sure they are the man of the house in control of all, It’s at odds with a cultural concept that is built more around giving in to our normal human nature and accepting it for what it is. Of course they to do not give all the freedom to their daughters always but it still takes the easier way to lead life than our ancestors chose to.

We are playing unfair games with the kid’s mind, completely messing it up. On one hand we are the brand ambassadors of no short clothes, no dancing  hip to hip with a guy, no getting too close to them once you are in your teens and on the other hands we have hordes of hit movies with hip grinding dances, barely clothed heroines, and heroes letching after them, quite lewdly at time too.

What in the world is wrong with people, you want to expose kids to the existence of porn, of all that can be done with the internet and then want them to analyze and decide for themselves what reality is? what is ethical and what can cause them and others harm. Ridiculously pea brained we are!

There are sections of the society with well versed parents who can direct their kids, but the chances aren’t always favorable. A huge gap exists where influence from others (peers, seniors etc) can also play a major role. Some parents seem to have accepted dating and the teenage years package.  But that fraction of parents is hardly comparable to the population of parents from the other strata of the society to whom this idea is condemnable. And parents usually decide all for the kids in our country.

Why do we always leave out the underprivileged groups from our analyzing scenarios? Maximum eave teasers are from that part of the society, maximum child marriages and subduction of women happens there. They are the ones who do not have the luxury of our exposure or the catalyst to change their mindsets.  Those kids watch the same movies and learn the same things, but if they are found to be duplicating what is shown on T.V. there is a huge chance of their education coming to a still stand. And that practically tilts  the ratio of chances of their being dependent to their being independent in future to almost infinity.

It’s a scary thing, the girls in their teens if found to be talking more than necessary or even having an immature infatuation to the opposite gender, will be in deep  immense trouble intensity of which could range from physical abuse to getting forcefully married to god knows which rat. Such is the situation. What happens to the guy involved?? Nothing!! Hahaha.

Guys in 4th and 5th  grades have access to all sorts of movies in addition to their already tormenting exposure to rough life on the streets. Even if one wants to educate them, how much can they absorb? The mixed signals are still coming. I so wish the internet prophets could find a way to regulate who has access what. Watching porn may not have the same impact on everybody but the case with these kids who have almost nothing else to learn from nobody else is different. Nothing else to learn that could over ride the other side’s influence and nothing that could mold their mindsets differently.

How are we going to tackle this challenge? India, the moralizing but not the moralistic country, how are we going to give the kids a fair upbringing as a society?

I am going to try and do my bit with the kids I have access to but for a systemic change, what can be done? But can a system tackle the animal nature and its hierarchical nuisances?  I have no answers.