Ramble on Pathetic Journalism

I am not sure, how this post is going to turn out to be or where it is going to go but it is going to be quite unpoetic I am guessing.

I have been watching lots of movies since the past few weeks, so my mind today was revolving around the lives of actors, how we see them, what do we see them as, how their lives are robbed of privacy and sanity quite often. At the risk of sounding naive, I wondered who was responsible for this and also why the messing up of their lives was such a juicy and happiness inspiring talk for most of us. Yeah, there is the matter about publicity stunts but “dude, get a life”

Then slowly the monkey in my brain jumped to the very often published photos of the actresses when they had an oops dressing moment ( Oops because we have made it oops), known or unknown to them. As though this never happens to any of the people in the real world, Duh. Their cleavage, or a show of her limbs or anything else that is suppose to be bandaged.

Most of us are of the mindset that these women merely exist to entertain us, mostly the ones who are bold and sensual, words which would translate to scantily dressed to much of the crowd. The men, aah the men, men hath no fear, after all the worst could be an unzipped fly in the crowd aside from a morphed/real video tapes of course. And yeah the rest, we have seen it all, its just a part of the scenery, beautiful scenery to be marveled at, those toned muscles and abs, not a truer sign of truer hunk. A hunk that’s all, not a s*** as we call them.

And yeah s***s, You want them, you need them, but you also want to derogate them just to feed your ego, to prove that you are better and almost as though you are doing a sex worker a favor.(yeah right)

To those journalists who earn their living through their gossip and erection inspiring news snippets:-

Do women assets really impact GDP, political affiliations, nuclear wars, poverty? They do pay your living expenses and you pay taxes I am guessing and do the nation a big favor,but really that’s all the journalism you got? Yeah cleavages do generate good amount of money via fashion industry and the film industry and even if I was the worst guesser ever, I would say they and their money pay more taxes than you or your earnings do. The industry has a lot of good perspective to offer too, not all good but quite good.

I get it, you sell what the crowd wants, but don’t you also generate market for the news. The media has great power, just as words do and art does, hence when they sell, they impact. Why feed on a derogatory mindset, when you can change it fellas?

That is because the way people tend to look at actresses, the same carries over to the way they treat or look at women on a day today basis. Of course there are many more factors impacting that outlook apart from the fact their brains are just junk from s*** in the outer space.

The mentioned concern is certainly not a cause of derogatory remarks on women on a day to day basis, but it is what fuels the mindset and the cause. Its a choice between being a part of the change wave that by changing your style and focus or staying on the other side sticking to bad irresponsible journalism, and that’s a choice you guys have to make.

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I do believe, I do know, I do not know, I do like and I do not like…….

“This post is part of SoCS: (The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS April 5/14)”  The prompt is ‘do’ or ‘don’t.’ Write about any subject at all, but make it about something you feel strongly about doing or avoiding; whether it’s yourself or others, it doesn’t matter. NO editing, just Stream of Consciousness writing . . .


I wish I could do the so many things I want to. I do want to be a loyal friend, a good daughter, a good teacher and a good me. I do believe that someday I will be where I want to reach that I will break free from all the bands that I pull myself down with, But even as I write this I have one of those moments of self doubt where I am not sure whether I really believe in what I am saying, it’s just that it’s been long since I have had that feeling of achievement. I do want to keep moving upwards and not look back. I do want to forgive myself for not being who I should have been but I find that extremely difficult. I do believe that I have the stamina to see myself come through and reach the pedestal I want to see myself on.

I do believe every single person in this universe can achieve his potential only if he believed that he could. I will solve the problems I want to solve, Every kid in my school needs a water bottle, its summer and even its going to be summer holidays, still in the coming year I do see dire need to solve the problem of unavailability of water at school. It kills me to see the kids thirsty and say that they cannot afford a water bottle.

I do believe that I am not stupid in dreaming that India will find a systemic solution for each of its tormenting problems. I do not like people undermining their own or another’s capability. But I do not understand how to make them believe in themselves. I do the best when left to myself and so they might too learn the hard way.

I do know that I have matured over the last year but I have a long way to go. Doing or not doing should be my choice and I do not like being told what my choices are as I am going to decide that myself. Choices are what you want them to be. Imagination and a real belief that anything is possible will give one all the choices he or she wants. But a real belief and not one that is just said for sake of saying a quote is what matters.

I do like to let loose at times but try not to do so often for I am scared of loosing focus, one of my drawbacks.  But my dad would say I am always letting loose because I am always laid back and relaxed. Hahaha.

I do not think I did as good a job I was suppose to with the kids this year at school, I do want to do better and make consistency my habit. I find that quite a task. Wanting to be a writer, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a painter someday, there is quite a list beyond the above and it –the list is going to need that trait of consistency. 

I do not like it a bit, being told what to do and what not do, it kills the fun in life and ruins the mystery and space, and I like and give too. Doing that is my way of life because I believe it builds trust and it is necessary for me to have space so that I can decide whether to trust or not. I do not like it when people are incapable of respecting others opinions or others because of their opinions. And I think world would be a boring place if there was just one side if the coin existing. I do want to explore the world alone, see things with my own eyes from my point of view not influenced by others. Everybody should get that chance at least .I want it.

Ughh.. There are so many I’s in this post, I do not like writing I’s in my post. It feels like I am still a kid who doesn’t know how to write an essay.

And I do want to change the way my blog looks I am kind of bored with it. Oh god what am I doing with this prompt. Net’s not back yet so I am going to keep writing till until I feel like stopping.

Doing things for sake of doing is not my style, I have got to have a reason to do what I am doing, no wonder I completely almost flunked my engineering. Somehow a good salary at a corporate sector wasn’t my idea of career and was not motivation enough.  

Yippe! net’s back and I am going to post this now.


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Connecting the dots of feminism

Previously I had just “started to talk about my views as a feminist” but it feels like I just dipped my toe in the puddle.


There are so many dots that connect to form a mindset that we or at least I as a reasonable feminist would like to see each person inculcate. Yes, I am going to say that I am reasonable, no reason not to say so.

I remember being in 12th grade and this guy on the stage was talking about women empowerment and he started off by saying,” women nowadays think that they rule the world and it’s time for men to step down.” You can only imagine the fire he lit beneath every girl in that room. Well, his point was right; it will only ever be time for men to step down if they were ever up there! The world was always ruled by both men and women. Only thing, women ruled a different domain and did so in their own subtle way. Muscle power was always given precedence on the outside and hence their kind was marketed well and ended up being the show stopper protectors and providers.

There was of course this bell shaped evolution process representing the stance that women got in the society, the importance of the roles they played and the exposure they received.

Now the problem as I see it is that people are so fed up of hearing the word feminism and so much is being written about it that it has left them in the mid air. And that’s where they are commenting and passing judgment from, “Oh, nowadays women are too much, they think they are all liberated so they can do whatever they want too.” For example- while driving.  Now a wrong a wrong, what does gender have to do with that?

A girl get educated, plots to achieve her goals, is ready for a slight compromise in them after marriage but then some families just expect her to give up her whole life. Now the fact that she is changing her last name (and I love my last name), shifting to live with the guy’s family, isn’t that enough!

I have no problem in guys opening the door for me because I do the same.  I do the same, and I do let them pass by because it’s part of normal curtsy and etiquette. Now the problem comes when these silly things emasculate you men. I have seen it happen, the guy when given way went by quite hesitantly the first time but from the next time he just wouldn’t pass!

There is no damsel in distress, there are just people in distress, and sometimes the person might turn out to be a damsel (Uh- oh that’s what damsel in distress means literally)! If a woman does not want help then maybe she really does not need it. For example- I myself don’t take help unless I really need it bad be it from a girl or guy. And a girl is thick skinned enough to not take help even though desperately needing it because she wants to exhibit feminism then damn her! And no it is not okay to look anywhere but at my face when talking to me, it’s just embarrassing, bugging and disrespectful!

House chores can be done by all and calling something a women’s job and then refusing to do it is an exact reflection of the mindset that needs to change.

Men’s have rights do, serious ones. I will not deny that there are cases of fake rape and sexual abuse against them.  It’s a fact and I yes I am still a feminist. So they do need to be protected against that. And quite a percentage of men face domestic abuse.

Women even till date, do face discrimination at work, it’s not a myth and not just a feeling we have. But in the end a women empowerment for that matter any change will always require a change in the mindset first. Thus to men, you guys are doing just fine, no emasculation needed, just shift aside a bit in your seat as we can now protect ourselves and decide our lives for ourselves because we have the same exposure as you do (and great intuitive minds and dual active brains :p)!

I am sure I haven’t connected all the dots, but I hope to connect them all to form the constellation of feminism!

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Change is like …

“Change is like the water slipping in through the tunnels to the fields, without change there ain’t going to be any harvest!”

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A Matter Of Perspective

Loving oneself is the key.. 🙂

Life Confusions

Perspective…Google says that it is “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.”

For most of us what others think of us or talk about us is the perspective that matters. I used to believe the same but as of today I beg to differ. I was watching this drama and I liked the perspective with which it approached the concept of rumors and gossips.

We live in a society where “what would people say if…..”  has killed more dreams than I can count. We are so worried about our perspective in everybody else’s eyes that along the way we may have started to lose ourselves and not even know it.

There is this pressure to be Perfect. If not perfect than at least close to be one. Worst thing about it is not the pressure of being perfect,  there is nothing wrong with pursuing…

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Clouds and silver lining


Yesterday evening was the first time I saw the sun setting, the whole process as though I was watching a movie. It slipped lower and lower sinking behind a single cloud. I was travelling in auto and it almost felt like I was going around the sun and bidding it good bye for now. The beauty of those few moments I really cannot put into words. Its rays outlined a single cloud and the cloud looked like it was on fire. Sadly, I was engrossed in watching that I did not feel like hindering my vision and interrupting those moments with camera nuisances. The only pics I took were before  I got lost in the cloud.




I was reminded of  the saying, every cloud has a silver lining. And I kept wondering and I am still doing so, Does every cloud really, surely have a silver lining? In theory and life is it true?I can’t figure it out. I kept staring at the cloud wondering if its silver lining would disappear after a few moments. But alas, I could not complete my investigation as I my  auto headed east and I was left to be engulfed in my just own thoughts about clouds and silver linings. 


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Life- The Incorrigible All

Sometimes life is an incorrigible twister and a chameleon. It has these clandestine meetings with luck, hope, and wish and will to sketch out the destiny. It is tyrannical and unpredictable. Sometimes giving you a say and sometimes throwing away your proposals and stepping on them as though they were just dead dry leaves.

My life has neither been struck by tragic lightening nor by the most illuminating ray of sudden success. It has been a series of consecutive bumps at times and then suddenly out of nowhere hi fiving me for my endurance (I guess) comes a ray of giggling and shimmering of hope. I say Giggling because I find that life is the epitome of sarcasm and irony. I have equated success here with happiness because I guess that’s the phase of life I am going through now. Although again who am I to judge thy tyrannical judge of all.

But as I look around me I am faced with contrasting colors of darkness. A child from my class lives with her three sisters and grand mom after seeing her mom burn to death two years back. She has seen and been a part of what most of us dread to the end of our time- death and loss and continued sufferings. She exhibits all the colors, red with anger and frustration to bright yellow in the darkness when shaking with humorous laughter.

She and many more of these kids are where they are because life has put them there and is playing his favorite pass time- chess. But when one of my other kids beats me, and three others at an actual game of human made chess, I am filled with pride and hope that maybe he will check mate life’s endless brickbats.

Today when I was plying down the road and ominous clouds loomed over all, I saw an old man bent over with age and with shaky knees cross the road mustering up all the courage he had. I was then transported into the novel “The Little Princess” by Frances Hodgsun Burnett where she is comes face to face with poverty in two scenarios, the first as an outsider and second time, life gives her a firsthand experience. The aura around me as I travelled gave me the feel of being in an old English street where I could see the various strata of the society we had divided ourselves into.

Then I remembered the two systems of life in the Shiva Triology. One where all were given an equal opportunity to excel and choose their path in life in accordance to a set of rules laid out for them. The other system was where there co-existed a sense of freedom and self esteem along with the absolute chaos and disruption of an almost lawless society, a society that believed freedom of choice at any and every step to be the only law of the land.

As I face the contrasting colors of darkness each day, I hope and wish to find a mid way between the above to systems. Necessity demands that we reform the social structure, nurturing will to make sure we give each person equal opportunity, basic amenities and access to the 21st century developments. An education system and a fair healthcare system that is within the reach of all for starts are what matter the most in today’s scenario. We must always remember that a child is not born as anything but in the pure form. It is the child’s reaction to the experiences that are inclusive of predicaments and successes that decide his future. As it is from life’s fruits itself that we mould our hopes, wishes and will. Thus becomes our responsibility as a society to try and provide the newcomers with the best experiences we can. Then it just might increase the chances of them winning the game of chess with their own brickbats ready to respond to life, life- the incorrigible all.

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“Give and Take”- A policy that most of our present generation believes in adhering to, but when it comes to giving back the society what we get from it,all of us end up being mere hypocrites.
Our society molds us, nurtures us, in all it educates us to be what we aspire to.
An education system is not one that only helps raise the literacy rate as literacy is only a mean to be educated. Education is much beyond literacy. Does our current education system inspire and encourage people to go the “Rancho” way??(Rancho from 3 idiots)

Well, I have thought on it, and slept on it…but the answer is the obvious no. It’s certainly very natural for all parents  to want to see their kids to be well off and well settled with a stable life inclusive of the minimum risks plausible. But at what price and with what risks does this well settled life come?


At the price of having a dis-satisfactory career, followed by frustration that hinders one’s ability to perform at the job. This frustration of not being able to keep up or do as one wills to takes over their whole life. It ends up disrupting one’s personal life and effecting the health and sometimes these effects are can be quite adverse. And there now, everyone can see it, down the drain goes a parents dream life for his child.

U.S has the system where citizen has to play the part of a juror, and Singapore has the system where a citizen has to choose between serving time in the army and working for the social services. All these rules are designed to educate the young and instigate them into inculcating a sense of social responsibility.

Every cloud has a silver lining, its high time we let the silver line dominate and let the child choose. We educate the children to follow their gut, respect the society, learn by themselves and make decisions for their own selves and the child sure to do wonders in his field. Even if he falls, he at least learns how to stand up and continue the journey taking the driver’s seat of his own life.

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Ever since man came into being and learnt to value his existence, he also learnt to recognize pain and harm, both physical and emotional. This recognition led to the concept of good and evil thus the realization that the evil ought to be punished. With the evolution of civilization the interaction between man and his fellow beings started rising to a different level all together. And that’s when people also learnt the value of the role which ethics played in maintaining peace and harmony in the society. Men then felt the need of an unbiased power that would met out justice and penalize the wrong doers thus discouraging others from following the unethical path. This power has now taken the form of the judicial system.

The Indian judicial system was formed with the objective of meting out justice to a vast country
with a vast multi cultured population. In spite of being formed by the best minds of our post
independence era it always has been found to be having its own very major and vast variety
of loopholes. The laws which had been so judiciously designed to meet out justice in an unbiased
manner due to their impracticality are now actually criminalized of safeguarding the guilty, and leaving them unscathed. It has never been a cake walk for the victims or for the innocent to prove their point.

Decisions in our courts are largely made on the basis of proof recovered from the crime scene and
the word of the witness. It has always been a known fact that witnesses can be bought and proof
can be satisfyingly tampered with. It’s well known that witnesses can be harassed and tortured up
to various degrees to make them testify in favor of the guilty or simply remain tight-lipped. The
witness is made to swear by the Gita that he will tell nothing but only the truth. This is thus also an
insult to our holy Gita which has been sworn upon so untruthfully countless number of times.
Another factor that has always been a major hindrance in the path to justice is the influence of
the wrong sort of power, to be precise the political power and power of rich which lies in money.
Corruption has sown its seeds deep into our social system and needless to say it has a tentacular grip
on our judicial system too thus slowing down the process of justice.


There are various examples of how political power has always had a hand over the judicial power.
And one of the examples that stares in the face is the famous terror case of the parliament attack
where in the government had overruled the supreme court’s decision of handing a death sentence
to the convicted terrorist Afzal for its own political reasons which can very precisely be guessed to
be vote bank politics. The case of 1993 terror attack in Mumbai, the case of riots in Punjab and in the
recent past the case of molestation of Ruchika by a higher officer which has surfaced 8 years later
only after he resigned exemplify the failure of our judiciary. The list could go on as the newspapers
come up every other day with a new story of an unresolved case which lay deep beneath in the huge
pile of files and files of cases in the backyard of the police station. Mostly the journey of the victim
to the court is so tiring that there are few brave who can withstand it.Image

Nevertheless one has to agree that the problem lies not only in the judicial system but the society as a whole. And this poll speaks for itself.


Corruption breeds on human faults like greed and the tendency to take the easy path and giving in to the pressure of getting things done. It cannot exist by itself without support from our corrupt nature. We might blame the politicians and the higher officials and the loopholes in the system of governance but the lets face the fact, they exploit us only because we allow them to and there lies on of the major loopholes. The other one is our sheer lack of awareness coupled with ignorance of what we can do when faced with a situation concerning corruption.

The system cannot be changed from the outside; one has to be a part of the system to change it. If we can choose our government, pay the tax and thus contribute to the running and development of our nation we not only have the right but rather one could say that we are obliged and have a responsibility to ensure efficient governance and right use of our tax money. Citizens form the first and last line of defense against corruption and mis-governance.

The great saint Vivekananda once said “So long as millions live in hunger and ignorance, I hold every person a traitor who, having been educated at their expense, pays not the least heed to them.” 65 years since independence our country is still on the same page it was. Inspite of the best industrial developments, poverty, corruption, blood bath in the name of religion looms over the country. We have nurtured and build a society where the rich get richer and also get away with all the sins they commit and the poor get poor and have nowhere and no one to turn to. And how many of us actually think of giving back to the society and what we have gained from it.

The only hope of finding our way out of this mess that we have made ourselves due to our own lack of commitment to the society and our ignorance is a fresh breath meaning youth. Giving in is always easy. But it has its consequences in the larger picture. So the least the youth can do is to have the urge and the willingness to fight. Liberalization and change is possible only when youth voluntarily take up the reins to lead us back on to the track. Thereby bringing back the long lost faith and courage in the people and transforming our slow and frustrating Indian judicial system, mad political system and our society into the just system that we all desire and deserve.

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As women continue treading on the path that women liberationists have cleared for us, I am forced to stop and wonder whether the society can actually boast of having taken a steady step towards acheiveing gender equity. Yes,we can boast about quite a few Sonia Gandhis and Kiran bedis,but for every one such successfull woman there are thousands of others who wake up in the morning wondering what crime they had committed to be born as a woman.The no. of “reported” abuse cases seem to be innumerable.And eve teasing has become rather a way of life as society firmly continues to state them to be just minor issues.Never does our society realize that its the minor issues that build a base for the development of bigger ones.Gender equity is not all about equal pay and just education to the privileged few women, it is about bringing a change in the mind set of the society.

A right is never given,its taken. A right given is equivalent to a permission.Till the day the terms like rights for women and women empowerment cease to exist-the question will persist-gender equity- is it for real or is it just an illusion?

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