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Etching On.


Etching Patterns of thoughts on the papyrus of our mundane lives..

Designs we croon into the ear of our twin incarnation..

Curved stretches curbing across the mounts..the will, the wish..

Binding with the harsh breath..mellow at times.. juggling at times..

Strolling across to plot a breathless life..


Stumble over potholes dug by our own soles, Hasn’t thee rolled over, traced back, and strutted along then?

Yet the path of etched drawls back and forth scuttering on..

Inking on.. smug.. or giggly.. dreadful or greedy.. smiling through the blots of ink..

In hope in faith.. for trusting to be bound by fate.. we etch on..


A kind samaritan spinning the fate.. whispering incantations to string fate to wish..

A mildly fulfilled soul springs along.. sketching butterflies..

And yet then. droplets of pain blotch the ink just along the curve..


Words lack depth one might say.. as the heart fails to siphon strings of syllables

Wishing to only tell stories of memorable cons, fortitudes.. innocence and love..

How often has thy samaritan hidden in the cave of doubt?

How often does thee ponder of ways to escape the designs?

Trapped in thy own breath, memories and desires..?


Or did the benign fisherman row thee  across?

I think he did.. didn’t he?

Anew bridge..anew sketch..

Anew binding of faith and thee etches on..


P.S- Random thoughts, random sketch as I try to drown myself in something mundane.




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A penny for my own thoughts.


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Let Them Be Free

Let them be free,

Free in the real sense,

Not taught, yet learning as though nothing is known,

Institutions are built, words of others are scripted in books,

Pavements are laid, roads are tarred, the hedges are trimmed,

everything is clear, everything is pinned on to the minds,

Signals are conveyed, and everything is as it is,

But is anything as it is?

Is there nothing else to find?

Let them be free,

Let them find, let them know themselves by themselves,

The wild teaches you more than the plain grasslands,

The moors where all seems lost, where vast emptiness lies ahead,

one finds ones own soul, one becomes aware of life,

Aware of the sun that sets,

finding a new meaning in the shades of orange and pink,

Yet taught they need to be,

Of oneness in loneness,

Of each animal eyes and soul being the same,

Yet souls dilute in some colours and deepen in some,

Colours we can add, and some shades we have no control over,

Teach them to see things as they can, and not our eyes see them to be,

Teach them to be sans rags of civilized notions,

Notions that only enslave,

God, he was never there,

He was an act, if his act was to make us,

then our act is to make more,

God is an act, is only a moment,

It is to change, change takes form when eyes see differently,

when winds resonate in their own rhythm with the beats of the young hearts,

Teach not how to feel, and what to feel, but just to feel,

Teach them to be free,

To learn and unlearn, to free the mind of known and delve into the unknown,

Drench in the rain, and it might teach you more of the drops,

The world expands, Its an art, isn’t it?

Science is an art, Imagination of the unbridled mind,

Let them explore this art, explore humanity for themselves,

Bind them not, for the ropes make animals out of animals,

They chain limbs,

They make saddled minds,

They forge and serve brittle souls, becoming all that is trapped,
Transcending into all that we fear, all that they fear, or rather becoming fear itself,

Le them be the free souls destined to storm and rise above the winds.

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Crazy Art Edited-Random

DSC_0099 (1)-001 DSC_0099 (1)-002 DSC_0099-001
DSC_0099-003DSC_0099-002 So I just drew this random sketch,(( that’s the last one), to me it looked quite bland, not sure why.. Guess variety was missing, so I decided to have some fun with it and edited it into versions.. 🙂


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My Book Of Dreams


My book of dreams

I have one that is stowed beneath my pillows

Pillows of need and momentary salvations

Yet my subconscious sleeps on it every moment.


It is the one,

The one for which I breathe smoke, and dry air

In adamant desire of breathing in the scent of “the path”

A path decked with petals, monuments of hope and life,


The book, its existence is the reminder,

Reminder of my purpose,

This book when lost, Leaves me barren, void,

Stranded, only hanging on the hands of the clock, tick tock


I fear its loss,

I fear its burial in the grounds of rotten cowardice,

Air drenched with the stench of stale worthlessness

And pettiness of delusional grief


Frail pages, burnt at the corners,

Illegible scribbling and scratching, rewriting of my souls whisperings,

The writing in the book blurs, like it has now

The skepticism and powerlessness of a lost soul, dissolves the ink even more


Where can I find the quill?

The quill with the memory of all that is missing,

Quill endowed with the boon of inerasable ink,

Quill that breathes life into the minuscule scriptures,


Maybe it’s hidden in between the pages,

Or maybe it’s the key to an anew cave, where I could write on stone

Engrave it and let my soul fly in and out, feed on the fervor of the aromatic cave

Or maybe it’s right here in between my fingers, awaiting my orders.


P.S-I edited one of my doodles:)

P.S- And it just sort of happened to match today’s daily prompt-Fearless Fantasies.. so I am gonna to include a Ping back! 🙂

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DSC_0085-004  DSC_0085-003  DSC_0085-001


Its been a long time since I have doodled a complete sketch, though of course this sort of a sketch can never be complete.:) To me it looks like a castle underwater, but I ain’t sure and hence the ambiguous title. So do tell me what you see? 🙂

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Flying and Evolving


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I thought this resembled dragons or repltiles,not sure. Do let me know your thoughts:-)

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Garden Of hope




I was thinking of birds, butterflies and flowers and smiles in the morning as I drew this. I felt hope and I felt my mind finally clearing as I drew this.

To me it looks like a bear or another animal, not invented by cloning or evolution yet, stretching his hand out to pluck something or to just reach out.

Do tell me what you see!


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Random: A part of the journey



DSC_0016Well, this is not one of my better ones. I have no Idea what it looks like. Don’t know why, I guess just one of those days where something doesn’t feel right! I am posting it anyway, because I remember writing in my blog that this is where I will look to trace my journey. Well, this is a part of my journey, however small!




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