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Etching On.


Etching Patterns of thoughts on the papyrus of our mundane lives..

Designs we croon into the ear of our twin incarnation..

Curved stretches curbing across the mounts..the will, the wish..

Binding with the harsh breath..mellow at times.. juggling at times..

Strolling across to plot a breathless life..


Stumble over potholes dug by our own soles, Hasn’t thee rolled over, traced back, and strutted along then?

Yet the path of etched drawls back and forth scuttering on..

Inking on.. smug.. or giggly.. dreadful or greedy.. smiling through the blots of ink..

In hope in faith.. for trusting to be bound by fate.. we etch on..


A kind samaritan spinning the fate.. whispering incantations to string fate to wish..

A mildly fulfilled soul springs along.. sketching butterflies..

And yet then. droplets of pain blotch the ink just along the curve..


Words lack depth one might say.. as the heart fails to siphon strings of syllables

Wishing to only tell stories of memorable cons, fortitudes.. innocence and love..

How often has thy samaritan hidden in the cave of doubt?

How often does thee ponder of ways to escape the designs?

Trapped in thy own breath, memories and desires..?


Or did the benign fisherman row thee  across?

I think he did.. didn’t he?

Anew bridge..anew sketch..

Anew binding of faith and thee etches on..


P.S- Random thoughts, random sketch as I try to drown myself in something mundane.




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A penny for my own thoughts.


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Do you search for those words as I do..

Why do you write so? What inspires you to do so?  

Which portions of your life befriend you to do so?

What makes you pick that pen up and scrawl those words?

Matters that pour nuisances of you heart and more so of your mind on the parchment.. why do you write?

I write out of sheer boredom engulfing my shelf life here.. Or do I?

The agony of a mind fanning its own thoughts..

I write to forge a bond with myself..

I write to loosen the knot in my bare hands..

The knot between bare hands? Yes.. the fidgety fingers fumbling..

Pondering what has become of the self I knew yesterday?

I write wondering shall I ever be that prolific dispeller of words… who writes with ignatious unabashed flair…

From whose beacon of riveting knowledge shall I glean that uninhibited figurative tongue?

Fuse words of boisterous beauty.. Purging impudent purity … honest in in its picturesque candor..

A language of man… nature .. laden with no pompous substance but only the essence of poetry..

Poetry that peels the layers, draws the vulnerability in the eyes of man..

Shall I ever touch the hearts and minds lighter in joy.. foster the soft naive rush of unhinged emotions..

Fill their smiles with a knowing that these clumsy words indeed spell the unknown clusters in there hearts..

Shall I ever revive the light in the eyes of those men.. Lasses and humble beings in pain..

They who know not how to touch their own wounds.. barren for words..

Why does thee perspire to rise with the sun and ride to the time..

What in thy soul has life of its own? And what shines the light in the darkest corners..

Kneads into shape your empire of dust time and again.. kindles the fire wood in cottage..

Like the shepherd thee rises with dawn.. Hoping to find what thee looks for.. 

Stare at the mountains.. clamber the hills.. search for the  lion with the humbling mane.. horrific yet dangerously prideful and beautiful..

Search for the maiden who calls thy name.. search for yourself in the galore of beings one sees..

Oh..Why do you write so? Why do you perspire so?

What it is that leave’s your touch as the sun breaks sleep..

What is it that saunters in your eyes in the day.. haunts your heart by dusk..

Do you search for the man.. as I do.. 

Weave words like needles were carving scriptures from your mind onto this plain parchment for epiphany..for sake of epiphany

Do you search for those words as I do.. words that bind you to you..


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She dyes herself

She dyes herself in blue, your poison,

She dyes herself in red, her love, your portrait

She dyes herself black, her hideout, her darkness,

She dyes herself in the sky; hope to fly, to touch the heaven in her mind,

She dyes herself in autumn yellow; she is your sunshine, as she is her own,

The cold winter shrinks your flesh; and hardens your whimpering soul,

She is the knitted blanket, the warmth in the crackling fire, as you doze into theland afar,

She dyes herself in lustrous green, beauty you see as silence engulfs your soul,

Rains have lashed and left, but her beauty, green droplet endowed on nature,

She dyes self in fluorescence, so you might just be blinded by her zest for light,

She dyes herself in the color of your eyes, her penchant to liven them and live in them,

She is the brown earth, her endurance of life, her endearment as she shields you in her bosom,

She is peace, she is freedom, she is embellished only by the serene plain sky, white clouds, her love for you in eternity,

She is the colors of her life, her own streaks, her own blends,

And she braves the wars, drenches in your tears, in your marooned blood,

She stays fastened to you, your life she holds close to her soul,

You tell me, who she is? You know here, you think of her, she could be anything and anybody,

She is the colors, the picture you painted in your mind’s eye.

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I do believe, I do know, I do not know, I do like and I do not like…….

“This post is part of SoCS: (The Friday Reminder and Prompt for SoCS April 5/14)”  The prompt is ‘do’ or ‘don’t.’ Write about any subject at all, but make it about something you feel strongly about doing or avoiding; whether it’s yourself or others, it doesn’t matter. NO editing, just Stream of Consciousness writing . . .


I wish I could do the so many things I want to. I do want to be a loyal friend, a good daughter, a good teacher and a good me. I do believe that someday I will be where I want to reach that I will break free from all the bands that I pull myself down with, But even as I write this I have one of those moments of self doubt where I am not sure whether I really believe in what I am saying, it’s just that it’s been long since I have had that feeling of achievement. I do want to keep moving upwards and not look back. I do want to forgive myself for not being who I should have been but I find that extremely difficult. I do believe that I have the stamina to see myself come through and reach the pedestal I want to see myself on.

I do believe every single person in this universe can achieve his potential only if he believed that he could. I will solve the problems I want to solve, Every kid in my school needs a water bottle, its summer and even its going to be summer holidays, still in the coming year I do see dire need to solve the problem of unavailability of water at school. It kills me to see the kids thirsty and say that they cannot afford a water bottle.

I do believe that I am not stupid in dreaming that India will find a systemic solution for each of its tormenting problems. I do not like people undermining their own or another’s capability. But I do not understand how to make them believe in themselves. I do the best when left to myself and so they might too learn the hard way.

I do know that I have matured over the last year but I have a long way to go. Doing or not doing should be my choice and I do not like being told what my choices are as I am going to decide that myself. Choices are what you want them to be. Imagination and a real belief that anything is possible will give one all the choices he or she wants. But a real belief and not one that is just said for sake of saying a quote is what matters.

I do like to let loose at times but try not to do so often for I am scared of loosing focus, one of my drawbacks.  But my dad would say I am always letting loose because I am always laid back and relaxed. Hahaha.

I do not think I did as good a job I was suppose to with the kids this year at school, I do want to do better and make consistency my habit. I find that quite a task. Wanting to be a writer, an entrepreneur, a teacher and a painter someday, there is quite a list beyond the above and it –the list is going to need that trait of consistency. 

I do not like it a bit, being told what to do and what not do, it kills the fun in life and ruins the mystery and space, and I like and give too. Doing that is my way of life because I believe it builds trust and it is necessary for me to have space so that I can decide whether to trust or not. I do not like it when people are incapable of respecting others opinions or others because of their opinions. And I think world would be a boring place if there was just one side if the coin existing. I do want to explore the world alone, see things with my own eyes from my point of view not influenced by others. Everybody should get that chance at least .I want it.

Ughh.. There are so many I’s in this post, I do not like writing I’s in my post. It feels like I am still a kid who doesn’t know how to write an essay.

And I do want to change the way my blog looks I am kind of bored with it. Oh god what am I doing with this prompt. Net’s not back yet so I am going to keep writing till until I feel like stopping.

Doing things for sake of doing is not my style, I have got to have a reason to do what I am doing, no wonder I completely almost flunked my engineering. Somehow a good salary at a corporate sector wasn’t my idea of career and was not motivation enough.  

Yippe! net’s back and I am going to post this now.


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