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Which Animal is your mind?

The mind is an animal fueled by the instincts and basic nature of me. So I control the mind, the mind controls my run through lap of life. I and my meanings are again debatable. But I and my are product of the steps since we could sense life around us. Then the mind is a product of this life. If it were an animal, a particular animal, I wonder which it would be. The horse, the sheep , the lion, the caterpillar? Hunger for an achievement, for a proof of our own existence drives each one of us in different manners, in different directions. And each day the mind feeds on a different taste of life. I wonder what’s in store for it, I wonder what scent intoxicates it and calls on it’s hunger for the life to come.

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Urge to exploit.. a question

A random question as I read Karl Marx’s “Das Capital”

According to the concept of survival of the fittest, does a man harm or exploit another, is it man against nature, or man against man’s nature… Karl Marx says that the urge to exploit is not necessarily inherent human nature. It is instigated by social class structure. Yet classes were already being built on the basis of survival through both intellectual capacity and sheer brute force. Wasn’t a superiority complex and urge to subdued and rise above others already taking its course. So the question, is it inherent or not?

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Shapely Scribbles

Shapely scribbles, don’t they form quite the maze with their crisscrossing paths! The mind seems quite deeply affected by an OCD to give a certain form to everything and make sense out of it. Turns out, it can do so even with random scribbling. If not give it a named shape, the nervous impulses certainly do try to make things look presentable! I hope so at least!